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All Prices shown on quotes are for individual orders to one destination and are subject to change without notice.  Prices in effect at time of shipment will apply. Possession of prices or quotes does not constitute an offer to sell.

All new accounts on C.B.D. or Credit Card until credit is approved. Net upon receipt of invoice to credit approved accounts only. Credit approved invoices not paid within 30 days from date of invoice will be assessed a 1 1/2% per month service charge. All accounts over 30 days will automatically be shipped C.O.D. Any account over 60 days past due relinquishes their privilege to credit and will be shipped on a C.O.D. basis until satisfactory credit rating is restored. In the event that collection becomes necessary, the buyer shall pay to the seller all reasonable costs of collection of money due and unpaid including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Even though we provide instructions and information for do-it-yourself outdoor furniture installation and repair of outdoor fabric, vinyl strap and parts includes risk. Personal injury and/or furniture damage may occur during this process. We are not responsible or liable for damages that may be sustained to persons or property during an installation. For this reason we recommend professional installation as the best option whenever possible. While care has been taken in the preparation of the information contained in this web site, Patio Products, Inc. and it's subsidiaries does not and cannot guarantee its accuracy. Anyone accessing this information does so at their own risk. Access to this information indemnifies Patio Products, Inc. and it's subsidiaries from any and all injury or damage arising from such use. Patio Products, Inc. will in no event be liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages related to fabrics provided by Patio Products, Inc.

A service charge will be charged on all returned checks, in accordance with Florida Statutes. Any reasonable costs of collection of returned checks, including court costs and reasonable attorney fees, shall be included in collections. Any account with outstanding returned checks will be shipped on a CASH C.O.D. basis until the checks and applicable check charges have been collected.

F.O.B. Boca Raton, Florida.
FedEx Ground, U.S. Mail or U.P.S. prepaid and billed on invoice, or on larger shipments, common carrier, freight collect. On prepaid and billed orders, Patio Products reserves the right to choose carriers.

$50.00 or more to one destination to qualified dealers. A handling charge of $5.00 will be applied to orders under $10.00. A handling charge of $2.00 will be applied to orders over $10.00 but under $50.00.

On orders placed to be shipped to a second party directly from us and billed to the first party, a drop ship charge of $5.00 will be applied. Note: Minimum order charges will also apply if minimums are not met.

SELLER DOES NOT WARRANT THE MERCHANTABILITY OF THE PRODUCT SOLD OR ITS FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. No express or implied warranty is made in respect to the goods. If any model or sample was shown Buyer, such model or sample was used merely to illustrate the general type and quality of the goods and not to represent that the goods would necessarily be of that type or nature.

The Buyer's exclusive and sole remedy on account or in respect of the furnishing of non-conforming material shall be to secure replacement thereof. The Seller shall not in any event be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to labor costs or loss of profits to anyone. The Seller's liability is limited to free replacement or refund of the purchase price, at Seller's option, provided return or rejection is made within a reasonable period.

Upon approval of return or replacement of any product purchased from Patio Products, Inc., the Buyer must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#____). For all returns, the RA# must be marked on each box to be returned. Returned goods will not be accepted without an RA#. If the products were ordered incorrectly by the purchaser, arrangements for return must be made and paid for by the purchaser.
Credit for returned products will be for the price charged for the products and will not include the original or the return shipping and handling charges.  If incorrect or defective products are shipped by Patio Products, replacement, credit for, or disposition of the product will be handled by Patio Products. Patio Products will initiate a Call Tag or arrange for the return. Patio Products reserves the right to decide whether the products must be returned or disposed of by the purchaser in order to save the cost of return freight on defective materials.  ALL RETURNS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 10 WORKING DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF GOODS. All credits due on returned materials will be applied to Buyer's account after we have received returned goods, and the condition of the product is considered acceptable by Patio Products.  Any vinyl less than full roll (precut straps or by the foot), cut yardage fabric, and special order tires are not returnable or refundable.

When placing an order, please give your name, the company you are with, your Patio Products customer ID number and then your purchase order number, if any. Before calling, please prepare your order using our product numbers. This will make processing your order quick and concise. Our toll free 800 fax line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, for placing fax orders.

Vinyl, powder and aerosol colors may vary slightly between lots and are subject to the manufacturers' standard practices, tolerances and variations.  Vinyl roll weights, lengths, widths, and thickness may be plus or minus, subject to manufacturers' standard practices, tolerances and variations.  All colors are not available in all sizes (see
Color Availability Chart).

4201 North Dixie Highway,  Boca Raton, Fl.  33431

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