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Warranty Information

Limited Warranty for Outdura® Fabrics
Sattler warrants its 9.25-ounce Outdura fabric for six years from the date of the original purchase. The Outdura warranty covers the fabric becoming unserviceable as a result of loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, rot and atmospheric chemicals, if the fabric has been properly installed, used and maintained. The warranty does not cover labor and installation supplied by the dealer. The warranty also does not apply against deterioration of any kind due to abusive use, accidental burns, negligence, vandalism, perforations, or acts of God.

Getting Service and Making a Claim
Consumers should call the dealer from whom the product was purchased so the installation can be inspected. The dealer will contact Shuford Mills to secure replacement fabric. The warranty is valid only if accompanied by a copy of the bill of sale for the item purchased plus a sample of the fabric with the original Outdura® care tag affixed.

Warranty Responsibility
Sattler's responsibility is limited to replacement of fabric, free of charge. The Outdura warranty gives customers specific legal rights and customers may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.


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