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  Table Tops & Parts  
    Acrylic Table Tops  
    Aluminum Table Tops  
    Table Parts  
  Caps, Glides, Inserts, & Parts  
    Vinyl Attachments  
    Bumpers & Glides  
    Misc. Parts, Stainless Steel Bolts, Weld Cup, Glides
    Clear Vinyl Parts  
    Wrought Iron Inserts  
    Disk Caps for Wrought Iron  
    Table Parts  
    Sling Inserts  
    Plastic Caps & Inserts  
    Multi Gauge Inserts  
    Adjustment Brackets  
    Sled Runners  
    Swivel and Rocker Chair Parts  
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  Carter Grandle Parts  
  Casual Clean  
    Casual Clean  
    Patio Furniture Brush  
  Colors & Availability Chart  
  Fabrics - Sling, Cushion, & Spline  
  Geobella® Special Order Fabric  
  Outdura® Fabric  
    Furniture Weight Outdura® Fabric  
    Marine Weight Outdura® Fabric  
  Oval Cord  
  Phifertex® Fabric  
    Phifertex® Cane Wicker  
    Phifertex® Jacquard Plus & Novelty Collection  
    Phifertex® P.V.C. Olefin  
    Phifertex® P.V.C. Olefin with Boucle  
    Phifertex® Plus  
    Phifertex® Stripe  
  Phifertex® Special Order Fabric  
    Phifertex® Plus  
    Phifertex® Stripes  
    Phifertex® Jacquards  
    Phifertex® Wicker Weaves  
    Phifertex® PVC/Olefin Blends  
  Powder Coatings & Matching Aerosol Paints  
    Power Coatings & Matching Aerosol Paints  
    Blank Paint Panels and Holders  
  Sling Spline  
    Sling Spline  
  SlingWeave® Fabric  
  TEXTILENE® Fabric  
    TEXTILENE® Jacquard  
    TEXTILENE® 80  
    TEXTILENE® Wicker Weave  
    TEXTILENE® Wicker Collection  
    TEXTILENE® Metallic  
    TEXTILENE® Sunsure®  
    Leisuretex® P.V.C. Olefin Collection  
    1 Lb. Spools  
    1/2 Lb. Spools  
  Twitchell Special Order Fabric
    TEXTILENE® Fantasy  
    TEXTILENE® Wicker  
    TEXTILENE® Chenille Wicker  
    TEXTILENE® Twisted Wicker  
    TEXTILENE® Cushion Weave  
    TEXTILENE® Metallic  
    TEXTILENE® Sunsure®  
    TEXTILENE® TEXTILENE® Specialty Wickers  
    TEXTILENE® Open Mesh  
    Sling Spline  
  Umbrella Parts  
  Vinyl Strap  
    1 1/2" Matte Vinyl Strap by the Foot  
    1 1/2" Glossy Vinyl Strap by the Foot  
    2" Matte Vinyl Strap by the Foot  
    2" Textured Vinyl Strap by the Foot  
  Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
    5/8" Matte Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
    1" Matte Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
    1 1/2" Matte Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
    1 1/2" Glossy Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
    2" Matte Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
    2" Textured Vinyl Strap by the Roll  
  Vinyl Strap - Precut & Punched  
    1 1/2" Matte Precut Vinyl Strap  
    1 1/2" Glossy Precut Vinyl Strap  
    2" Matte Precut Vinyl Strap  
    2" Textured Precut Vinyl Strap  
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  Wheels & Tires  

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